Friday, September 6, 2013

South River Knitting Guild

Currently SRKG members contribute knitting time and effort supporting charity projects:
           * Tiny hats for the AAMC Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
 We are asked to follow this hat pattern  precisely; the hat is knitted flat and can easily be worked in the round, too.  We use our own new or stash yarn for these.

          * Scarves with a touch (or more) of pink for the AAMC Breast Center 
The design or pattern is chosen by the knitter and uses new or stash yarn.

         * Knitted Knockers for the AAMC Breast Center.  This is a new project for 2013; as we complete them we will post pictures.  The pattern and information about this project is at

Every year we choose a group project in which many of our members participate for inclusion in the Silent Auction of the AAMC Foundation Annual Fundraising Gala.  Some of our recent contribution have been:
  •  Patchwork sampler afghans                 

  • Heart Pillows (The Gala focus that year was cardiology.)
    •  Layettes for a baby girl and a baby boy

Our programs include learning new knitting techniques and Knit-Alongs using the same pattern with our individual twists.  Here are some of our efforts.
  •  We learned to draft and knit from silk caps and hankies....decadent!

  • Our Felt Clogs (Fiber Trends) were a lot of fun; they kept our feet warm through our snowy winter.

  • Another Knit-Along was Nature Speak Knits' "RAVENELI"; a fun jacket or vest knit in the round with a circular, big shawl-type collar. Lots of Noro, run with dk and worsted solid colors, Malabrigo, tripled dks in lots of combos! (Thanks Jeanne!)

  •   The E. Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket project was a big success! They all turned out great and each very different! A BIG Thanks to Kellie Nuss !

  •   "FROM THE TOP"; Nature Speak Knit's top-down, set-in sleeve crew neck pullover. They are "looking marvelous!!!".(Again... Thanks Jeanne!

Lots of Noro (Silk Garden, Kureyon, Sakura), Ellen's Half Pint Silk/Mohair, Manos Del Uruguay, Debbie Bliss Silk Road Aran, Malibrigo, Stonehedge .... the results are stunning!

Interested in finding out more about us?  Email your questions to

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Knitting Yogini said...

Our group knit-along of Jeanne's Top-Down Set-in Sleeve sweater was a blast! And by the way, this sweater is the best-fitting, easiest to knit sweater I've ever done. Plus, it took fewer skeins of yarn than I normally use (it is cropped) – just under 10 skeins of Noro Kuryeon - and I think I finished it in around 2 weeks of evening knitting. Easy and fun - and with the random self-striping in the Kuryeon it looks as if I’ve knit a sunset. OK, Jeanne, what will you design for us to knit-along on next!